Screenshots of Google+ app with redesigned user interface leaks out

With all the rumors and leaks going on surrounding Google it can be inferred that the next major update to the Android operating system will bring about several UI changes. Adding evidence to this, we have seen many Google app redesigns getting leaked online these days. Following Google Calendar and Gmail, here we have the leaked screenshots of Google+.


These leaked screenshots show huge changes done to the Google+ app. The action bar seems to appear in bright red color retaining the Holo look. The post bar at the bottom seems to be replaced with a floating circle button and the entire post screen floats above the app on the tablets. This resembles Talon for Twitter app and it is good to work with.

On the whole, the new design language appears to be quite similar to what exists in the Android version with more colors splashed to it. For now, there is no authenticity that the design style leaked will be utilized in the final version of the Google+ app. Even if this turns out to be legit, Google could also be adding more UI changes to the app in the meantime.

Google+ redesignedGoogle+ redesignedGoogle+ redesignedGoogle+ redesigned