Samsung patents a tablet design with a hole in it

The Nook tablets will not fade away from the minds of tech enthusiasts mainly due to their quirky design featuring a key loop at a corner. This key loop is meant to facilitate carrying the device around easily without much hassle. In fact, the Nook lineup were pretty popular for sometime until the Android tablets with better displays and improved hardware started coming up. Now, it appears like Samsung is following the footsteps of Nook by filing a patent for their tablet design.

Samsung Tablet with Hole

Well, the recent patent filing obtained from USPTO shows a Samsung tablet design with a ringlet type of hole at one of the bottom corners. The patent does not reveal any details on why the hole is placed, but it appears that the ring is located there only for design purposes.

However, the exact reason for the presence of a hole in the company’s future tablets remains a mystery. Apart from this quirky design element, the tablet’s design looks quite standard with speakers, camera and S-Pen slot like any other Galaxy Tab.

It has to be noted that not all patent applications will be arriving immediately. Samsung has filed for the patent, but it does not mean that this tablet will arrive in the stores right away. 

Samsung Tablet with Hole

Samsung Tablet with Hole