Google Calendar with revamped UI screenshots leaked, to witness new feature additions in future

It was only in the last week that we saw a few new changes being considered for the Gmail Android app. Now, new reports suggest that Google is planning to include a handful of new aspects and an updated user interface for its Calendar app too. As per, the new Google Calendar update will bring about some extreme changes to its Android app.

Google Calender app

Timely is the internal term used for Calendar app that is bundled in those devices that are sanctioned to run the Google Mobile Services. The folks over there have managed to use a device featuring a new version of Timely and have grabbed screenshots of the same.

These screenshots show that the app is highly secure protecting the user’s identity. The major difference is that the new version has a complete visual overhaul with minimalist design that replaces the grids with blocks of color. This makes the whole interface look softer and cleaner and very simple with many slick animations.

The two main additions that are done to the Google Calendar include social integration and daily agenda. The former has already been implemented in many other calendar apps since long, while the latter is a feature that will email the user a list of activities that have been planned for the day.

Though these new feature additions and tweaks are expected to arrive in the next update for Google Calendar, we do not know if these are the only additions to be made. Anyways, Google should be clinging on to surprises for its users and we need to wait until the Google I/O conference to know more about the updated Google Calendar app.

Google Calender app