Google’s patent filing reveals laptop with a built-in smartphone dock

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

/ by Abhinaya
Google appears to be prepping a laptop with in-built smartphone dock. Well, the search engine giant has filed a parent for such a laptop in 2012 and as per US Patent, the patent #8,649,821 has been approved in February 2014 showing a smartphone that can be detached from the laptop.

Motorola Atrix Tablet Dock

The patent does not reveal anything specifically, but it appears like we might soon see this laptop in the market running on Chrome OS that can work with any Android phone. The smartphone’s data connection can enable the internet access on the laptop while on the go.

As per the pictures in the patent filing, the laptop device could feature a dedicated smartphone slot that is similar to the Asus Padfone lineup. Both the devices can operate independently tipping that the smartphone and laptop can work at the same time. The laptop incorporates microphone and speaker whenever the user wants to make VoIP calls or for any voice functionality.

However, this is only a patent filing and it does not confirm that the firm is working on this particular device. The existence of this laptop with an in-built smartphone device can be confirmed only when more evidence regarding this device pops up.

Google Patent

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