Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime pegged for mid-June launch, spotted on Korean website

Thursday, May 15, 2014

/ by Abhinaya
Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is one of the smartphones that is being subjected to a plethora of rumors and speculations. As time is progressing, more and more knots that are tied around the smartphone are getting untied. Now, there is some new information regarding the premium variant of the flagship model suggesting its launch date and pricing details.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is the first Quad HD smartphone to be launched by the South Korean tech giant and it is said to be launched in mid-June.

As per Korean publication Naver, a source close to the company has revealed the price of the smartphone. According to the report, the unlocked version of Galaxy S5 Prime is claimed to cost KRW 900,000 that is roughly $880. This is approximately the same price tag that the Galaxy S5 carried at the time of its launch.

Moreover, this is not the first time that the Galaxy S5 Prime is tipped to be released in June as there were speculations suggesting that the South Korean firm will be launching yet another flagship model in a month. Also, delaying the announcement further will make the device collide with the Galaxy Note 4 that would probably be launched in September at the IFA 2014 following the usual Samsung launch pattern.

Samsung SM-G906K listing

Adding more credibility to the existence of the device, the handset appeared on a Korean website for a while. The Korean variant of the alleged Galaxy S5 Prime with the model number SM-G906K was spotted at the Olleh TV website. This hints that the device is in its final phase of development and that it is all set to go official soon. The image that has surfaced on the website is a place holder image showing the already seen Spigen back cover for Galaxy S5 (above), which was leaked before the official announcement of Galaxy S5.

If the Galaxy S5 Prime will be announced in June as per this claim, Samsung should soon be letting out the date of announcement and the venue of the press event. 

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