Alleged homescreen screenshot hints at the features of the "L" version of Android features

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

/ by Abhinaya
With less than 6 hours to go for the Google I/O press conference to take off, the rumors regarding the upcoming build of Android OS appear to grow by the minute. The Chromium Issue Tracker, which is a potential source of leaks and unannounced details, issued interesting information that has been removed soon. However, a Reddit user has managed to grab a couple of the screenshots of the same.


Well, we are talking about the highly anticipated Android L build. The screenshots captured by the Reddit user Doopl show several features that we have not seen in the current version of Android. The most noticeable objects in the screenshots is the letter "L" and a bell icon in the status bar.

According to Android Police,  the letter "L" in the status bar tips at the Android L build and the bell icon indicates a new feature that will offer limited interruptions for muting or partially muting notifications. Also, the report suggests that it is the Android L release that is expected to feature a re-styled Chrome app and heads-up notifications resembling the Google Now cards. This feature will help the notifications from popping up over the display interrupting what the user is working on.

Android L screenshotAndroid L screenshot

The resolution of the screenshots are 1280 x 768 pixels tipping that they are grabbed from the Nexus 4. It has to be noted that the screenshots do not show the background protection behind the status and navigation bars too.

We can expect to see more regarding the Android L at the Google I/O conference, though it will not be released until the Q4 of 2014.
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