Riptide GP2 changelog confirms that Google is working on Android TV and will debut at Google I/O

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

/ by Ritij Khurana
The Google I/O event is about to kick off in some hours from now and it will bring a lot of goodies with it. We all know that the next version of Android will be previewed at the event alongside detailing regarding the Android Wear platform and something we didn’t know (actually we know) till now has just come to light. Google might launch the long rumoured Android TV at the event too in order to go up against the likes of Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV.

Android TV UI

The game Riptide GP2, which recently got an update had its changelog mention that it has support for Android TV. It pretty much means that your Android device will be able to stream games and videos courtesy of Android TV to your television. The changelog has been removed since then but well we know now that the Android TV does exist indeed.

The game will have support for a split-screen mode (something like multi-player support) which would look pretty good on a television set and take smartphone and tablet gaming to an all new level. Google will surely bring all of the functionalities of the Chromecast to it as well as it does not want to lag behind in any area.

More and more television manufacturers are launching Smart TVs with Android support and addition of Android TV will only increase the level of integration. The I/O event is only a few hours away and we will surely get to know more about it then.

Riptide GP2 changelog

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