Google Now screenshots posted by Google on Twitter tips at Android 5.0 platform

Sunday, June 15, 2014

/ by Abhinaya
The Google I/O Conference is drawing closer and the rumor mills are churning heavily regarding the new products and services that in tow. Meantime, Google itself has hinted the much awaited and highly anticipated Android 5.0 platform. The search engine giant has posted some screenshots on its official Twitter account showing the new Google Now feature.

Google Now Android 5.0 hint

Talking about the leaked screenshots, they show the Google Now feature showing World Cup information and on close observation the time is listed as 5:00. 

While nothing could be made clear by just the time, a Reddit user ‘thatdudefromthehood’ claims that before the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat, the screenshots from Android account showed the time as 4:40. Hence, there is a huge hope for Google to unleash the Android 5.0 at the upcoming event.  

The Google I/O is all set kick start on June 25 and the tech world is looking forward to witness the launch of Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 devices this year. Going by the tradition, the new Nexus devices will always come with a fresh iteration of Android and hence, we do expect the Android 5.0 to go official this time.

At this point of time, there is no word on what Google will name its next iteration of Android. While Lollipop is something that is making rounds on the web, it is not sure if Google will retain the same or tie up with some major sweet maker and come up with a different name.

Whatever it is, we need to wait for more 10 days for the debut of Google I/O conference to know more about the company’s plans and announcements.  
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