Google inks deal with MediaTek to develop smartphones under Android One program

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

/ by Abhinaya
Android One, an initiative announced last week at the Google I/O event to reach the mark of rest 5 billion user base by launching low-cost Android smartphones is aimed at the emerging markets across the world. While introducing the concept, Google claimed that the program includes a set of hardware and software guidelines for the smartphones, but the specific guidelines were not revealed. However, a report from DigiTimes reveals that the Android One program will make use of the MediaTek chipsets.

Android One

As per the report, Google is said to enter into a partnership with Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek to use its chipsets in the affordable smartphones that come under the Android One program. These devices will run on stock Android and the firmware updates for the same will be rolled out by Google.

It makes sense for Google to tap into MediaTek as the chip maker has been involved in making smartphones for the Asian countries, while it remains a stranger to the Western market. With this, MediaTek is already in a good bond with the smartphone vendors in this region and hence it can sync well with the manufacturers.

Android One Micromax

The report extends claiming that the first Android One smartphone from Micromax showcased at the Google I/O last week will be powered by dual-core MediaTek MT6575 processor. The smartphone will come with 4.5-inch display, FM Radio, microSD card and dual-SIM support. The search engine giant has also partnered with Karboon and Spice to launch smartphones under Android One program in India.

If the Android One project goes smoothly, Google and MediaTek may extend their cooperation to include Android tablets and Android TVs, the source added.

However, there is no clear picture on when the Android One based devices will witness an official launch. 
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