Nokia rumoured to launch an Android-powered Lumia smartphone soon with Nokia by Microsoft branding

Thursday, July 10, 2014

/ by Ritij Khurana
When Nokia decided to jump on to the Windows Phone wagon and not on the Android one, many were left disappointed. Because at that point of time, Nokia was by far the leader in mobile phone arena and Android was looking to be the next big thing. Samsung caught on to it and became the market leader and Nokia is languishing behind in the end. It went the Android way with the Nokia X series and is doing fairly well in the entry level arena. But as per the latest reports, Nokia is planning to launch a Lumia phone with Android on-board.

Android-powered Lumia mockup

The hardware of Nokia devices has always been appreciated but it has been limited because of the software. The device will come with the branding of “Nokia by Microsoft.” It can be seen as a harbinger of happiness for consumers as they’d get the best of both worlds but it might mean that Windows Phone as an operating system might start to lose out on popularity.

But all of this is merely a rumour as of now and not much is known about it. The question is that what will be the version of Android it will run on. Will it be a forked version of Android, stock Android or something new altogether? It might just bring support for Android apps on Windows Phone as well. Let us see which way the tide turns.

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