Android Silver program reportedly delayed for numerous reasons

Rumors regarding the Android Silver program have been circulating all over the web for quite sometime. Now, there is some information suggesting that the program has been put on hold. According to a report by TheInformation, there are a few main reasons for Google to be holding the Android Silver project and one of them is the departure of Google’s Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora in July.

Android Silver

He was responsible for taking care of the partnership of Google with device manufacturers and carriers, which would be a crucial role to get the program running.

Another reason that is tipped by the report is the mixed reactions from the partners of Google and the people within the firm. The previous rumors suggested that for the Android Silver program, Google would partner with the firms such as HTC, LG and others and prioritize the Silver brand lineup for the updates, so the support from the partners was crucial.

Moreover, some employees of Google have expressed their opinions that the Android Silver lineup may not be successful. In addition, Google is focusing a lot on the Android One initiative that is targeted to providing cheap and high quality smartphones for the emerging markets, claims the report.

Previous reports suggested that this lineup was initially pegged to be launched in February next year replacing the Nexus lineup. Stay tuned for more.