Google Play Store’s 2-hours Paid App and Game refund window goes official

Saturday, September 13, 2014

/ by Abhinaya
Last month, it was noted that Google was not implementing its 15 minutes refund window on the Google Play strictly. While it was claimed to be 15 minutes, the actual window was closer to 2 hours. Now, the company has officially confirmed that the return period for the Google Play applications and games is 2 hours.

Google Play

According to the ‘Return Paid Apps and Games’ support page on the Play Store, the applications or games that are purchased via Google Play can be returned for a full refund only within 2 hours and if the time exceeds, the users will have to contact the respective app developers. It also adds that, if the two hour refund window has not passed, the buttons for open and refund will be visible. And, if they are not it means that the time has exceeded.

Google has detailed the steps to return a game or application within couple of hours of the purchase. Users will have to carry out the following steps to avail the refund and uninstall the app. On the Android device -> Open the Google Play -> Touch the Play Store icon -> My Apps -> Select the app or game to be returned -> select Refund.

It has to be noted that Google has clearly mentioned that once a refund for a particular app is done within the two-hour frame and if the user downloads the app again, there will not be a refund for the second time. 

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