Corning announces Gorilla Glass 4, claimed to be two time tougher than other cover glass

Corning has officially announced the Gorilla Glass 4 that is the successor of Gorilla Glass 3 for the upcoming devices. This new Gorilla Glass 4 is relatively thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Besides these changes, the latest offering is also devised to deliver improved damage resistance and it is claimed to be two folds tougher than the other competitive cover glass designs available in the market.

Corning Gorilla Glass 4

The Gorilla Glass 4 is manufactured using the proprietary fusion draw process and it maintains thinness, durability and optical clarity that the Corning offerings are known for. Also, the latest protective glass comes with drastically enhanced drop performance.

Furthermore, Corning has added that it has been testing the Gorilla Glass 4’s performance to know the sharp contact damage resistance subjecting it to sharp surfaces such as asphalt and others. The highlights of the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 include enhanced retained strength, improved drop performance with up to 80 percent tolerance, high resistance to scratch and sharp contact damage, measuring thin between 0.4 mm to 2.0 mm and superior surface quality.

Since its launch in 2007, Gorilla Glass has been featured on 1,395 different product totalling more than 3 billion devices. Corning has also done product sampling of the Gorilla Glass 4 with the OEMs, but the details on those products that will be using this protective glass remain known.