Google Copresence, cross platform file sharing service coming soon

Google appears to be all set to rollout a new service under its sleeve to compete with Apple’s AirDrop feature. This new feature is likely to be called Google Copresence and it is claimed to be similar to Google Nearby. It is said that the Copresence would let the users of Android and iOS devices to share media with those nearby them.

Google Copresence

According to Android Police, the latest Google Play Services APK reveals that this feature will allow devices to use the device’s location information or Bluetooth to validate based on proximity even without contact list approval as in Android Beam. It adds that Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct would be used to transfer content such as maps, music, websites, photos and more.

From the few images that reveal the graphics of the Copresence feature, it can be said that the service is integrated with Hangouts chat application substantial. It could not be surprising to see the Copresence feature as a part of Hangouts in future.

Google CopresenceGoogle CopresenceGoogle Copresence

Coming to the competition forefront, the Copresence could be something like Apple’s AirDrop on iOS devices that is meant for sharing between the same platform. But, with the upcoming cross platform feature, users can share between Android and iOS with its Chromecast capabilities taking it a step further.

As per the report, Google Copresence will be launched in the coming weeks and we hope it would not take a long time for the users to get their hands on this very useful feature. While the Android fans are waiting to experience the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, the Copresence feature is a great welcome feature.

Google Copresence