Project Ara modular smartphone working prototype shown in Video, Developer Conference in January 2015

Ever since Project Ara broke cover many tech enthusiasts are excited about the possibilities of a modular smartphone concept. Though we have not seen much about Project Ara, it appears like the development is progressing well. Well, Google has revealed that it will host couple of developer conferences for the platform in January 2015 to cover major changes and advancements.

Google Project Ara

One of the developer conferences will be held in United States on January 14th and the other one will be hosted on January 21st in Singapore. Google has already teased what it will showing off at the events as well. Besides revealing the major changes and advancements, Google will also be highlighting the commercial plans of the Project Ara at these events.

Google is focused on presenting the Ara conferences in many regions as it intends to attract developers from across the globe, these includes satellites in New York City, London and Buenos Aires on January 14th, and in Toyko, Bangalore, Taipei, and Shanghai on January 21st. Those interested in attending the events, there is a fee of $25 to $200 and the deadline to apply is November 26, 2014.

Google Project Ara

Besides this news about the Project Ara in January, Phonebloks has posted a video showing off one of major changes called Spiral 2 that is referred to as the second iteration of the hardware. In the previous Spiral 1 model, half the space on the device was used up with the components that were needed to hold the modules, but in the new one from Toshiba, the required space is cut down allowing developers to use more space on the hardware for their works.

It is enticing to see the Ara prototype booting up in the video, but it seems to run the outdated Android 4.1 Jelly Bean platform. There is no clue if the prototype will be running Android 5.0 Lollipop and we need to wait till January 2015 to know this.