Next-generation Google Glass reported to be powered by Intel processor

Back in November, media reports indicated that the Google Glass project will soon come to an end as the developers and consumers show disinterest. Eventually, the developers were halting to create applications for the device and consumers were selling their glasses for half their retail pricing on eBay. But, a recent Wall Street Journal report suggests that the firm is not willing to let go of the Google Glass.

Google Glass

According to WSJ report, Google has partnered with the chip maker Intel for its next generation Glass that will replace the chips from Texas Instruments, the TI OMAP processor that is housed in the current generation of Glass. There is no word on which Intel chip will power the next-generation Google Glass.

It is further claimed that the Intel powered Google Glass will be going official in 2015. The firm is also in plans to promote its wearable device in hospitals networks and manufacturers to make the device more useful for consumers.

Intel has been pretty successful in making chips for desktop processors, but it is still struggling to achieve a strong foothold in the smartphone segment as processors from Qualcomm and MediaTek are dominating the business. Hence, the wearable device segment appears to be pretty crucial for the chip manufacturer.