Samsung round smartwatch features detailed ahead of MWC, to come with crown power button & rotating bezel

Samsung is already having many smartwatches in its portfolio and now, there are rumors that the firm will be coming up with another such device at the upcoming MWC 2015 tech show in March 2015. Recently, we have been witnessing numerous rumors regarding the wearable device suggesting its aspects. It has been confirmed that this smartwatch will be codenamed Orbis and now, there is interesting information regarding the same.

Samsung Patent Circular Smartwatch

Going by a recent SamMobile report, the Orbis will arrive with a crown shaped power button and a rotating bezel ring on its top. After the launch of Apple Watch with a digital crown, it appears like Samsung is also trying to compete with a similar crown shaped power button. For now, the functionality of the crown will be assigned to the rotating bezel ring at the top of the Orbis.

Adding more credibility to this rumor is the previous patent applications that claimed that Samsung is working on a concept smartwatch boasting a bezel ring. You can read the detailed features of Orbis smartwatch later below.

It is likely that the power button will be different than the ones that are available on existing Samsung smartwatches. The report adds that the power button will help in waking up the screen, sending an emergency message and launching S Voice via a double press. Though the crown can be used for other functions, but the bezel ring will only handle advanced stuff.

In another report, SamMobile has revealed that the upcoming round Samsung smartwatch will come with wireless charging support out-of-the-box, similar to Lenovo-owned Motorola did with Moto 360 smartwatch. 

Samsung Patent Ring Smartwatch

Lastly, according to SamMobile, Samsung is dropping the calling feature on the Orbis, instead the watch will only be able to accept and dismiss the phone calls. On the homescreen, swiping down from the top will give access to the brightness, bluetooth and battery icons, a do not disturb mode, and brightness control.

And a swipe up from the bottom will show the recent apps menu. With the use of watch's rotary bezel ring, a slow rotation to the right will show one app at a time, while rotating it faster will show three apps at the same time. The power button aka the digital crown button will close the recent apps menu. Furthermore, a right rotate of the ring on the home screen will display widgets in use, and a rotate to the left will show the content of that widget. Finally, rotating the ring to the left will display all the notifications and cycle through them.

For receiving the call, right rotate of ring will reject a phone call normally, and moving it to the left will reject a phone call and send a preset message. Also, pressing the crown button will end the calls that are currently in progress.

Samsung Patent Ring Smartwatch

In the music player, rotating the ring to left or right will skip or go back to a track. A swipe up from the bottom will display the submenu where you will be able to cycle through playlists, tracks, albums and artists by rotating the ring to either direction.

The ring will have other functions too such as rotating the ring to the right will dismiss an ongoing alarm while the opposite will snooze it, rotate the ring in the time app to cycle through different clock faces, while using Find My Device feature, rotating the ring in either direction will stop the search for your device and finally rotating the ring to either side will let you see the current weather, hourly forecast, and the weekly forecast.

There is enough time to get more information about the Orbis as the launch is believed to happen in March.