Lenovo, HTC, Sony and Motorola reported to manufacture smartphones in India

Monday, July 13, 2015

/ by Abhinaya
Several manufacturers are planning to produce their smartphones in India. According to recent reports, top smartphone manufacturers including Lenovo, HTC, Sony and Motorola are planning to manufacturer their smartphones and tablets handsets in the country, following ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Make In India

As of now, Lenovo manufactures its computers at its Puducherry facility and the vendor is aiming to become one among the top three smartphone players in the coming quarters. Lenovo is aggressive in boosting the smartphone business in India where it already is the leader in the sales of PCs, laptops and tablets.

HTC has entered into partnership with Global Devices Network that established a manufacturing and assembling unit three months back in Noida. As per the partnership, the firm will make the HTC devices on a contract basis. The firm started the trials and the actual production will take place from mid-July. According to HTC, the smartphones manufactured in the country will initially fall in the entry-level to mid-segment category, priced between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 25,000. 

The Japanese tech manufacturer Sony is said to be “seriously” considering establishing a manufacturing plant in India. The specific details of the plan are yet to be revealed, but it might happen within two years. Sony closed its manufacturing unit in the country in 2004 and starting importing products from China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

The other company that is aiming to take part in the ‘Make in India’ initiative is Motorola owned by Lenovo. Motorola is aiming to make India as one of its dominant markets across the globe. It was stated that Motorola will be involved in company owned as well as third party manufacturing. 

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