Samsung Galaxy S4 will be 'Definitely Announced' on 14th March

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Earlier today, mobile-review's Eldar Murtazin suggested on Twitter that March 14th would see a "Big Announcement," implying that it would cause HTC to miss sales estimates on the One that is  going to be announced today Night at 9:30PM IST. Murtazin made no mention of Samsung or the next-gen Galaxy S, but SamMobile — a site well-known for its Samsung leaks — followed shortly thereafter claiming that the tweet was indeed a veiled reference to the Galaxy S IV.


After viewing other Top-Site of Android we have confirmed that Samsung's plans that March 14th is "definitely" the day that the Korean giant plans on revealing one or more new devices, one of which is presumed to be the Galaxy S IV.

Samsung Galaxy SIV Render Image
"As with the Galaxy S III — which was part of an effective campaign of misinformation waged by Samsung ahead of its announcement — design of the new model is said to be a "tightly-guarded secret." We're told that the company will once again emphasize features over raw specs; tricks like the eye-tracking Smart Stay were a big part of the S III's story, and we'd expect more of the same next month. "The leap in cool new features from [Galaxy S III] to the next flagship will be bigger" than the leap from the S II to the S III, sources say." - The Verge

Source - The Verge, Sammobile, Sammy Hub.
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