Samsung Galaxy S4 Render Images Leaked, Later Confirmed as Placeholder Images

Friday, March 8, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
TechDroid is not Upto Date?? This is the Q. which comes in your mind after reading the Post Title. And Yeah, the answer is Yes. TechDroid is not getting updated with latest posts on time due to some Certain reason. Reason posted below. But, we are trying our level best to complete all the old posts as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Placeholder Images

Leaving these, the Famous Render Image Leaker "Unwired View aka @evaleaks" have leaked some new Images of Galaxy SIV. When they leaked those Images there was no news about the confirmation, but later on after some hours, it was confirmed that these images were taken from the Famous Online Retailer Expansys.

Expansys is a very popular Online Retailer Site. They posted these Images as a Mock Image. The Images were taken from Expansys & then Unwired View posted these as the new render image. The Images you see in this post are from Expansys Site, the image which "@evaleaks" posted are exactly same, but are little blurry. So we decided to post the original Images.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Placeholder Images

The Images are just A Placeholder Images, so don't get confused. It is NOT a render Image. There are many New News about Galaxy SIV. So, TechDroid will try its best to Complete all the New Related Galaxy SIV today, and we will be Upto date from Monday Onwards. So, make sure you checkout the site everyday from Monday. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Placeholder Images

Also, TechDroid will be Down for 1 Month. We can't exactly confirm the date.. but yeah.. the Site will NOT be updated for 1 Month. The Reason are the Board Exams of TechDroid Owner. So, Sorry about that, but yeah from 21st April, 2013.. TechDroid will be Back. With some new Ideas, New Posts & New Contest.
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