LG is working on a Flexible Display Smartphone, might Launch before Year's End

Saturday, April 27, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Everyone must have heard about flexible OLED Display Device. The first named after hearing this comes in my mind is Samsung. Yeah, Samsung has showed off many prototype of Flexible Display devices. But, sadly those were just a prototype & Samsung has no plans to launch them in real future.

But, recently LG is promising that it will announce a smartphone with a flexible screen in Q4 of this year. Words came from Yoon Bu-hyun – Vice President of mobile at LG, who said that his team is developing one in partnership with LG Display. The screen will be made using OLED technology, according to the report.

Note that while this LG smartphone will have a flexible display, the handset itself won't bend or anything like that. The rigid circuitry and battery inside it will surely make that impossible. Instead, chances are that we'll see a handset with screen that wraps around the edges as like the Samsung's Keynote.

So, the question is that, whether LG will be successful in making a Smartphone with Flexible OLED Display & launch it in market or not. And Who will be the first to launch a Flexible Smartphone, LG or Samsung?

Via - PhoneArena
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