Samsung Galaxy S4's Gorilla Glass 3 gets Tortured with Knifes, Keys & Pennys

Saturday, April 27, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Yesterday Samsung Launched the most awaited smartphone of the year in India, Samsung Galaxy S4. It is priced for Rs. 41,500, which is a perfect price for such a awesome Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S4 is a big competitor of HTC's One & Sony's Xperia Z.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Scratch Test

The best part of Galaxy S4 is the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on it. It is the first smartphone in the world to have Gorilla Glass 3. Samsung Galaxy S3 had Gorilla Glass 2 on it & it handled the smartphone well enough. There were lots of Test on Galaxy S3 to see the durability & now its time for Samsung Galaxy S4 to face the same test.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 uses Gorilla Glass 3, the latest version of the ultra-tough display glass, to bring a near scratch-proof display to the phone. Sammobile has posted a scratch test which shows the new handset in action and, we have to say, we are seriously impressed by how tough that Gorilla Glass is.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Scratch Test

The owner attempted to scratch the Display of Galaxy S4 with everything, starting from Pennys (coins) to the Kitchen Knifes. And what, Samsung Galaxy S4 handled them very easily. There was not even one Scratch on the display & the screen was working fine.

The 5-inch Full HD SUPER AMOLED display found on the Galaxy S4 sits behind Gorilla Glass 3. The new glass tech is said to be three times more scratch resistant than previous versions.

Below is the video which was posted by Sammobile on there Blog. We have also added a Video by AndroidAuthority which shows the Drop Test of Galaxy S4. The phone managed to work perfectly without any issue during first 2 drop, but when the phone was dropped from the height of our ear, the display of Galaxy S4 was cracked.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Scratch Test

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