Is this the Next-Generation Nexus 7 in the Hangout Promo Video?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Google launched its unified messaging service called "Hangouts" yesterday at Google I/O 2013. To understand this messaging app Google posted a promo video on YouTube. If we clearly see that video (posted below), we will notice a unannounced tablet used in it. That Tablet is expected to be the next-generation Nexus 7 aka Nexus 7 II.

Google Nexus 7 II?

This New Tablet was spotted by one twitter user Cesi D’Alessio in the official Hangouts promo video released by Google. If we go to 20sec mark in the video, we will notice a tablet with notification LED. From the looks, the tablet seems to be packing a 7-inch display and the current Nexus 7 tablet from Google does not have notification LED. So the question comes that, is this the next Nexus 7 Tablet?

Google Nexus 7 II?

Google didn't announced any new Nexus device this year at Keynote. But we still expect some private event from Google to take place, to launch there this year Nexus Devices and Android 4.3.

Source - AndroidOS
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