Google Updates Google Now with Some New Features

Thursday, May 16, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Yesterday Google not only announced Google Play Game Service and Google Play Music All Access but they also introduced some new features in Google Now. Google Now came in Android last year as a addition in New Android Version Jelly Bean. Google Now is the best feature to have fun with on a Android Smartphone.

Google Now

Apart from all the relevant information that Google Now has been providing to  Jelly Bean users, it will now also be able to remind users. Yeah you read it right, Google has added a new feature in Google Now dubbed as Voice Reminder. You can now tell Google Now to remind you before doing something and it will trigger a reminder right when it is needed. The reminders can be set for specific time or even location.

Google Now Voice Reminder

Reminders aren't the only new addition to Google Now, Google has also added some new stuffs like – Real Time Public Transit Update, in this you just have to select the city you like and Google Now will give you all Update of that city, next is the Upcoming Books, Music Albums, TV Shows and Video Games you may like and lastly we see Last Train Home, which is only available in Japan now.

The Update is now like in Play Store. You just have to update your Google Search App and you can enjoy these new features right away.

Google Play

Image Credit - Droid Life
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