LG holding a Press Event in Macau on 30th May to Launch Optimus G Pro in Asian Market

Thursday, May 9, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
LG is holding a press event in Macau on 30th May to launch the next Optimus G Smartphone or LG Optimus G Pro in Asian Market. The event is scheduled on 30th May in Macau, China.

LG Optimus G Pro Launch Invite in China

LG has sent out "Save the Date" invites to the members of press inviting them to come at the event. The event will focus on "ImaGination Begins", which means that a new member of Optimus G Series Smartphone will be added in Asian Markets.

This can be the rumored Optimus G2 or the latest Flagship device, LG Optimus G Pro, which was announced at MWC 2013

If the phone side-view shown in the invite is any indication, which exactly looks like Optimus G Pro side then we are going to see the China launch of LG’s Optimus G Pro smartphone.

LG Optimus G Pro has been released in selected countries right now, which include US, South Korea & Japan, so it is very much possible that LG can introduce Optimus G Pro now in China, which is the biggest mobile phone market in the world.
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