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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Sony Mobile is rumored to be working on two new high-end Smartphones codenamed ‘Honami’ and ‘Togari’, which are Sony's H2 Flagship devices. The details of these 2 smartphones are leaked on various sites, which points towards some great news. Considering the leaked specs, Honami is said to be the company's ‘One Sony’ effort combining some key Sony technology wrapped into one handset.

Sony Xperia

Almost one month ago, there were some leaked information about 3 new Sony devices in which Togari was one of them. Togari is believed to sport a 6.44-inch 1080p Full HD display with a design similar to the Xperia Z. The device will be very slim, like the Xperia Z & Xperia Tablet Z with glass back. Also, Togari is expected to run a Snapdragon 800 Processor having 3500mAh of Battery.

The device will come in Confirmed white color option with a white bezel. This 6.44-inch FHD Phablet will be launched in around July in Japan.

Coming to the ‘Honami’, which is believed to be the company's ‘One Sony’ model, offering the best Sony technology in one smartphone. The specs of this Smartphone is hard to believe & digest. According to Xperia Blog, Honami will sports a 5-inch 1080p Full HD display with dedicated Walkman Audio Chip (S-Master MX Digital Amplifier?) & a 20MP Cyber-shot CMOS sensor with Carl Zeiss lens.

Baidu forums added some spice to this news, saying that, this will be Sony's most attractive smartphone till date and will be released around July in Asia, followed by global release in August/September. Not only Baidu, but Xperia Blog also states that, Honami will be one of the most attractive phones Sony has ever made, even more so than the Xperia Z and iPhone 5. Both, Honami & Togari will be water and dust resistant.

After details about Honami design, ePrice has added some more spice (more than Baidu) stating that, the phone might come with 2.3GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor with Adreno 330 Graphics, 2GB of RAM & awesome 2700 to 3000 mAh of Battery. They added saying, Honami will debut in China in July & then see an International Launch in August/September, as we described above. The website also claims that Sony Honami cites a 20MP rear camera sensor with xenon flash and dual LED.

After all these rumored specs, VR Zone has emptied the spice box saying that the display of Honami might run a Triluminos Display, an exclusive display technology from the Japanese manufacturer. To know more about Triluminos Display, head over to the original post. Continuing, Honami will run Snapdragon 800 Processor with 16MP Camera, instead of the 20MP sensor.

Honami Camera Details - 

Today, Xperia Blog again posted some more information about Sony Honami's Camera, which is said to be the biggest camera sensor within Android ecosystem. The news came from VR Zone, who have got some more details on Honami Camera from their sources. According to them, Honami's Camera will run a 1/1.6″ Exmor RS stacked sensor with Sony G Lens. The Smartphone might run a xenon flash or dual-LED flash or a plasma flash, which is also a possibility at this stage.

Sony Honami Camera Sensor Size Comparison

The site added, "Sony Honami will come with a new all new image processing algorithms, similar to Sony's Cyber-shot digital cameras. It will also have a completely revamped camera UI, software goodies from Cyber-shot digital cameras of 2013, Superior Auto Scene Recognition, an improvement over the Superior Auto mode found in the Xperia Z/ZL." Further they added, "Sony is also working on an "Augmented Reality" app similar to Nokia's amazing City Lens. The camera sensor will be the biggest within Android, even more than the Samsung Galaxy Camera/Xperia Z/Galaxy S4/HTC One/Nokia Pureview 808/Nokia N8, almost 3 times larger."

According to VR-Zone, Sony Honami won't be slim, and will be about 10mm thick, due to the camera feature. It won't have the impact like the Nokia Pureview 808 or Nokia N8. The Smartphone will feature Glass & Metal construction with Carbon Fibre. The report finishes to say that, "The Sony Honami is reportedly being worked upon by every department of Sony and not just Sony Mobile to create that "One" phone to rule them all."

Now, what we have to actually do is, to just wait for Sony to give some official announcement, and if these specs are believed to be true, then it is sure that Sony Honami will be the Best Smartphone of this year, leaving behind Xperia Z, HTC's One, Samsung's Galaxy S4 & even the Note 3.

Credit ( Honami Camera ) - Xperia Blog & VR Zone
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