Another Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Image Surfaces Online, Release Date Preponed

Thursday, June 20, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the awaited device of 2013. As per previous reports, the phablet will be officially announced this September at IFA 2013. But, its looks like Samsung will be announcing the device before September, near about in July or August.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Leaked Image

According to the reports published by (Korean Media), the sales of Samsung Galaxy S4 has dropped after April, due to which Samsung has to accelerate the production of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The reports continued reporting that, Samsung has changed their launch plans due to poor performance of Galaxy S4. In April, Galaxy S4 reached the milestone of 10 Million Sales, but after that in May the figures were raised to 12.2 Million units and then suddenly the figures were reduced to half only, 6.5 Million.

Due to which, Samsung has decided to cut the production capacity of Galaxy S4 by 10-15% and focus more on Galaxy Note 3. In addition, Samsung will focus on conversion of Single model into multi model system which will cover the market share of Samsung Galaxy S4, like Galaxy S4 Mini, S4 Zoom and S4 Active, which will be released in markets from July on-wards.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 new leaked image was spotted online and this image is very different from all the previous leaks. The image shows very thin bezel, more thin than Galaxy S4 Flagship. 

Also, there is lack of Samsung Logo on the top of the screen, which confirms the device to be a prototype device, still prototypes of Samsung has their logo on the top (?) One more thing which we can notice is the Android UI, as per the image, we can see stock status bar rather than Samsung's TouchWiz UI Status Bar.

So Guys, what you think, is this the Note 3 or just a fake image tagged as upcoming Note 3?

Source - G4GamesPocketNow
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