10 Million Samsung Galaxy S4 Units Sold Worldwide, New Colours Coming this Summer

Thursday, May 23, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Samsung has Officially Announced that they have shipped over 10 Million Galaxy S4 Units Worldwide in less than a month of Official Release. Samsung started the Official Release of Samsung Galaxy S4 from 27th April, 2013 and in less than a month Samsung has already shipped 10 Million Units of this Precious Device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 New Colours

The company shared 6 Million Shipment Milestone 12 days before and within 12 days Samsung has shipped over 4 Million device giving a total of 10 Million Units. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the fastest selling smartphone from Samsung, beating previous Galaxy models handily. The phone took only 27 Days to reach this huge success and making it the best and fastest selling Android Smartphone ever.

The Galaxy S4's predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S3, took 50 days to accomplish the same thing. The Samsung Galaxy S2 needed 5 months to hit the 10 million sales mark, while the original Samsung Galaxy S reached 10 million in sales after 7 months.

Samsung Galaxy S4 New Colours

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S4 is selling four units per second globally. The Smartphone is currently available in 110 Countries. The Galaxy S4 will also be moving to 45 more countries over the course of the year, bringing the total countries selling the Galaxt S4 to 155 Countries with 327 Partners. 

In addition, Samsung has officially announced that they will be adding new colours on Galaxy S4 Soon. Currently Galaxy S4 is only available in Black and White colours and soon Samsung will be announcing 4 new coloured Galaxy S4 devices. The new four colours are Blue Arctic, Red Aurora, Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn, in which Blue Arctic has already been confirmed for Japan, other regions will be getting it too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Blue ArcticSamsung Galaxy S4 Blue Arctic

Samsung Galaxy S4 Red AuroraSamsung Galaxy S4 Red Aurora

Source - Samsung
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