Sony may announce New Version of Xperia Z Ultra with Dedicated Camera Button on 4th July in Paris

Friday, June 28, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Sony was the first one in the world to bring the world's biggest & slimmest Full HD smartphone which is water and dust resistant and comes with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 processor, Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Still there are few things which are missing from the phone.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

The first thing which is very disappointing on Xperia Z Ultra is the Camera. Only a 8MP Exmor RS Camera for Xperia Z Ultra?
They could have done this due to thickness of the smartphone, but where is the LED flash? Why haven't they the LED Flash on Xperia Z Ultra?
A smartphone without LED flash is nothing now-a-days. Every single smartphone, even a low-end and mid-range handsets are coming with LED flash on it, but this High-end smartphone is missing this.

The next thing is the dedicated camera button. We were hoping Sony to add a dedicated camera button on Xperia Z Ultra, so to access the camera app directly from lock-screen when under water, but unfortunately they didn't add that too.

But, Sony Xperia Z Ultra Paris Event Invitation is showing something interesting. According to the 4th July press invitation, we can see a dedicated camera button on the device. This could be another version of Xperia Z Ultra, which has been planned for international market?

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Comparison

According to the Invite, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, which will be announced in Paris on 4th July will be different from Xperia Z Ultra which is announced at Mobile Asia Expo 2013 in China. The Chinese Xperia Z Ultra comes without a dedicated camera button, but the Paris Xperia Z Ultra, which will be announced is expected to come with a dedicated camera button. There can be some possibilities of seeing an LED flash on that variant too. 

Not only the camera button, but we can also notice some new cover ports on international variant teaser. If you look clearly, the Chinese variant of Xperia Z Ultra comes with only 1 cover port (just above the power button), whereas according to the international variant teaser image, the Paris Xperia Z Ultra will come with 2 cover ports.

All these differentiates are pointing towards a new Xperia Z Ultra with dedicated camera button and some more tweaks. We hope Sony clarifies this on 4th July in Paris. And if the device in Paris will come with a dedicated camera button and LED flash, then the device is good to go in market.
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