Sony's my Xperia Remote Security Service to roll out globally soon, Find your Lost Xperia device easily

Friday, July 5, 2013

/ by Aman Banka
Sony's remote security service, 'my Xperia' is going to roll out globally soon. Sony has announced that, they are ready to roll out the my Xperia Security service to global Xperia smartphones users. my Xperia service was initially rolled out in the Nordic countries earlier this year and after listening to feedback from users, the company is now ready to launch the service world-wide.

my Xperia

my Xperia will help the users find their lost phone using a website. If however you lost your Xperia Z, then you can find your Z using my Xperia application. The service requires a working connection, which mean the phone has to be on and have a working connection.

After that, you can locate your Xperia device easily. The owner can arrange for his missing phone by throwing a sound an alert, which will help to get someone's attention, even if the phone is on silent mode. Other options allows the owner of the phone to lock down the device to keep info private, or just in case there is information on it that can threaten the free world, wipe all data off the phone.

my Xperia my Xperia

The owner can also write a message to the phone that will pop up on the screen. You can use this message service to threaten the person who has got his/her hands on your device. The messaging service also allows you to send your phone number on the device, just in case your phone was found by a honest person.

The company will start the global roll-out of my Xperia in coming weeks. As, it is going to be rolled out globally, so it may take some time to reach India. Still you can check for the software update regularly.

my Xperia my Xperia

my Xperia my Xperia

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