Google Nexus 10 2013 made by Asus leaked in PC World inventory listing, confirms the upcoming Nexus tablet (more evidence)

More Evidence: A new image from Android Central is live on the web. The image shows the inventory listing of Asus-made Google Nexus 10. This image (below) was sent to them by an anonymous tipster at Currys, a UK retailer owned by PC World. Similar to PC World listing, the Currys listing image reveals the same details, £349.99 in UK for 16 gig model.

Google Asus Nexus 10

Earlier (20th Sep): Last month we reported that Asus will be making the next Nexus 10 tablet, and that news can now be confirmed via a UK retailer named PC World. An employee of PC World has posted an image on it's twitter profile, showing the inventory listing of Asus-made Nexus 10.

Google Nexus 10

The image posted by him looks like a real deal, as folks of Geeks also leaked an image of the inventory listing of some other retailer one month ago, showing off the same details.

Google Nexus 10 2013 inventory listing
According to Rage06 (PC World Employee), PC World wouldn't have put Google Asus Nexus 10 in their inventory listing unless they were fully confirmed the tablet was arriving. The listing reveals that the next generation Nexus 10 will be priced for £349.99 in UK, which is approx $559.99 in US.

There is no word on when the tablet will be released, but it is quite possible that Google will be announcing both Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 2013 together at the same event, which will most probably happen next month.

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