6 new colour options for Google Nexus 5 coming soon, images leaked; probably fake

Google launched the Nexus 5 last year in October in only two colours, black and white. If PhoneArena's tipster is believed to be true, then Google will soon announce 6 new colours for the smartphone. The tipster sent PhoneArena a video of a revamped Google Play Store that clearly shows new Nexus 5 colours, eight in total. The site has also posted individual pictures of the new colours for the Nexus 5, which we can somewhat confirm are fake.

Nexus 5 new colours

According to the video and pictures, Nexus 5 may soon be available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple colours, alongside the black and white currently on offer.

The video shows someone clicking on all of the possible colour choices for Nexus 5, and each time a new colour option is selected the image of the phone changes, wearing the selected colour. No word on when the new Nexus 5 colours will be available.

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

These individual pictures of the new Nexus 5 colours on zooming in reveals that the images have been photoshopped. After zooming in, it was noticed that the bottom part of the image had few areas showing black colours rather than the original phone colour.

It's better to take the whole story with a pinch of salt, as nothing is confirmed yet.

Nexus 5 new colours fake

Source - PhoneArena