LG officially announces its first fitness accessory, the LG Lifeband Touch

LG has officially announced its first smart wearable fitness accessory, the LG Lifeband Touch today. The device was leaked last week in an press image. The Lifeband Touch track user's movement in calorie consumption, number of steps, distance walked, workouts and runs. The fitness accessory is compatible with iOS and Android devices and need the presence of Bluetooth 4.0. LG's fitness app is also a must install in order to use the accessory.

LG Lifeband Touch

LG Lifeband Touch also comes with a LED colour screen, which let you know of incoming call and message notifications, and can also play music on your smartphone and work as a watch.

The band comes in conjunction with a special earphone, called the Heart Rate Earphone. The earphone uses Optical sensor technology which monitor the blood flow in the ear to measure heart rate.

According to the press release issued by LG Korea, the LG Lifeband Touch is water resistant and highly comfortable. It will only be available in black colour. No word on pricing and availability details yet.

Source - LG Korea
Via - GSMArena