Samsung Galaxy S5 camera sample leaked, 16MP camera confirmed; again rumoured to come with Quad-HD display and fingerprint scanner

It is that time of the year when Samsung is all geared up to launch its next Galaxy S flagship and it is at this time that Samsung struggles to keep the details regarding the same under the wraps. The Galaxy S5 will hit the Launchpad in March this year in all likelihood and details about the same have started leaking on to the interweb. The latest leak is of the camera samples from the Galaxy S5.

Samsung SM-G900V camera sample

The smartphone is expected to get an upgrade in the camera department and will feature a 16MP camera at the rear instead of the 13MP camera of the S4. The camera will feature a f/2.2 aperture with the focal length being 4.6mm. If we assume that the camera lens will be 28mm equivalent in 35mm terms equivalent, the sensor size comes to about 1/2.5".

That is pretty much the size of the 20MP unit in the Lumia 1520 and that smartphone has already proven its imaging prowess. Another speculation suggests that the picture has a 16:9 aspect ratio so the full resolution of the camera sensor might be 21MP.

The EXIF data of the picture has revealed that the picture has been taken from the Samsung SM-G900V and the G900 codename has been known to be that of Galaxy S5. The G900V will be the Galaxy S5 for Verizon and G900 will be the model number for the global model in all likelihood.

In related, SamMobile has received information about all the model numbers of the SM-G900 aka Galaxy S5. Here's the list:
  • SM-G9006V, SM-G9008V & SM-G9009D - China
  • SM-G900F & SM-G900H - Open Europe
  • SM-G900K & SM-G900L - Korea
  • SM-G900D - Japan
  • SM-G900S - Korea
  • SM-G900I - Asia
  • SM-G900J - Japan
  • SM-G900P - Sprint
  • SM-G900A - AT&T
  • SM-G900W8 - BMC
  • SM-G900V - Verizon
  • SM-G900T - T-Mobile
  • SM-G900M - Vodafone
  • SM-G900R4 - US Cellular
Galaxy S5 APKs name

Also, prolific leaker @evleaks has managed to obtain two of the names of Android applications supposedly built for Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5.

The first package file is called FingerprintService.apk, suggesting that Samsung may place a fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5. But, the same APK file name was found in the list of leaked APKs for the Galaxy Note 3 last year, ultimately, the device launched without an fingerprint scanner.

And the second package file is called 3DTourViewer_WQHD_K.apk, which confirms that the device will come with a WQHD display, which is another name for Quad-HD 2K (2560 x 1440 pixels) display. The size of the display is not confirmed, but it is expected to be 5.2-inches.

Samsung wants to get strong sales with the launch of the Galaxy S5 after the S4 did not come out with flying colours like the S2 and S3 did. Will the S5 set things straight for the Galaxy S flagship name? Well, we'll have to wait and see that. 

Source - Flipboard, SamMobile & Evleaks (1, 2)
Via - GSMArena

Post by Ritij Khurana & Aman Banka