Early prototype images of Google smartwatch made by Motorola leaked

Google is working on a smartwatch these days for an I/O event launch and we brought to you the news regarding the same a few days ago. It was believed that LG will be manufacturing the smartwatch for Google but recently a Motorola made prototype for a smartwatch has leaked on to the interweb which would give an insight about what exactly is Google cooking up.

Motorola smartwatch

The device seems to come with a rubberised band and a square display unit. You also get a capacitive back button. You also get to look at the settings screen of the smartwatch. The rocker buttons have symbols embossed on them, with the left one having a human figure and the other one looks like a mic.

The human figure might be a button for fitness mode and the microphone may be the trigger for Voice search. It gets a USB connector at the end of the band which is integrated neatly into the band, where the holes of the strap exist and flips out when you do so. If Google decides on opting for LG as a partner, Motorola might as well launch it as an independent smartwatch.

The company had recently stated that it is working on a smartwatch which will come later this year. So the Google partnered prototype might just turn out be a Motowatch or something of that sorts. We like what we see and we’d like it more if Motorola gives the project the light of the day.

Motorola smartwatch