Moto G becomes the best selling Motorola smartphone, Moto X successor and smartwatch coming soon

Motorola Moto G has been off to a flying start in India and the same can be said about the smartphone’s global launch as well. It has been well received in every market that it has gone to and the company has confirmed that the Moto G is the “most successful, highest-selling smartphone” ever in its line-up.

Moto G

Rick Osterloh, who is the Senior Vice President of the company has stated the same and he further added that the company is making money on every device that it is selling. After its acquisition by Lenovo, it further expects to sales to go north because Lenovo has a pretty wide distribution channel. The company also plans on launching Moto X in India in the coming few weeks.

And that is not all, the company is believed to be working on the successor of the Moto X which it will announce in late summer as per a tweet from Motorola. Motorola also plans on bringing high levels of customisation at an affordable price tag with the successor of the flagship smartphone. Seeing the fact that Motorola has been welcomed well in India, the same will also touch down on Indian shores.

And that is not all, Motorola plans on launching a smartwatch as well in the coming few months and that is all of what is known about the smartwatch plans. The Moto G has become the best-selling Motorola smartphone ever, will it be able to replicate the family tradition of bringing in a lot of sales after its acquisition by Lenovo?