Google announces Project Ara Developers' Conference for 15th and 16th April, to arrive in Q1 2015 for around $50

Google has announced that it will be holding the first ever developer conference for the Project ARA on 15th and 16th of April. The concept was first showcased by Motorola last year in October. Project ARA is basically the concept of a modular phone which will help the customers customise their smartphone depending upon their requirements.

Project ARA

It comes from the stable of the much famed Advanced Technology and Projects team that Google held back after it sold off Motorola to Lenovo. Google will make the Ara Module Developers' Kit (MDK) available as a free and open platform specification reference so as to involve as many developers as possible. The kit will feature everything that will help a developer get started on developing an Ara module.

The modular phone concept will be showcased at the event which will be streamed live free of charge and has a $100 fee for attending it. But if you are a student, Google will charge you just $25. Project Ara will be based on a platform which will be provided by Google. Google intends on pricing the entry level variant of the same for around $50.

Project ARA

The internet giant also plans on opening up kiosks for the device so that one can easily swap their low end device to mid-range and a mid-range device to a full-blown phablet. The first version of the Project ARA is expected to be launched in production guise in the first quarter of 2015. This is by far the most interesting bit of news in recent times and will surely be appreciated by the technology world.

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