Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with a lower price tag, metal body Galaxy S5 to arrive in May

Samsung intends on upping the ante in the smartphone arena by launching a metal-clad premium version of the Galaxy S5 in May. Before Samsung launched the Galaxy S5, the rumour mill was churning out that there will two versions of the S5 but only one got announced. Samsung will launch a luxury series of smartphones in May and the first recipient of the luxury treatment will be the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5

It will get a Quad-HD screen, an Exynos processor and the camera will get the Optical Image Stabilisation treatment. Samsung is believed to be having a tough time in procuring the metal clad chasis and related expensive parts for the device in larger numbers so it would be rather launching a device which would sell in relatively lower numbers courtesy of the higher price tag than the regular S5.

In related, the latest word on the street is that the original Galaxy S5 will come with a lower price tag as compared to the Galaxy S4 at the time of launch. Samsung created a huge affair about the S4 but its sales weren’t as promising as Samsung would have wanted to. So this time around, Samsung has decided to underplay the launch of the S5. With an upgrade in spec sheet and a lower price tag (at the time of launch), Samsung will surely attract a slew of customers.

Samsung has been forced constantly by the Chinese smartphone giants to lower the price tags with their prowess in bringing similarly specced devices at lower prices. Samsung is all set to take the smartphone arena by storm by launching a lower priced S5 and then a premium range of devices (Project F) with Galaxy S5 as the flagship device.