Google announces Project Tango smartphone with 3D cameras that can 3D map the world around you

Google has assembled a model Android cell phone that can take in and map its general surroundings. The mechanism originates from a new activity called Project Tango, and its prepared to get the smartphone into developers' hands to see what the innovation is able to do. Google says that the smartphone will take in the measurement of rooms and spaces simply by being moved around within them.

Project Tango

For instance, strolling around your room might help the smartphone take in the state of your home. The trust is that by making a vigorous guide of the world, Google's smartphone could inevitably give exact bearings to any given indicate that needs be arrived at. It's a goal-oriented venture and it ought to be no astonishment given who it is originating from.

The project has been in the works at the Advanced Technologies group for the past year. Now, Tango leaves the Advanced Technology and Projects Group, which one of the few bits of Motorola that Google has picked to clutch as opposed to selling off to Lenovo.

"The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion," says Johnny Lee who is the leader of Project Tango. 

Google is planning to give 200 units of the same to developers in order to build games, tools and algorithms for the same in order to make use of the device's sensors. Google will be sending out the devices by 14th of March. It would make for a pretty cool smartphone if it ever hits the production. Do drop in to let us know your thoughts about the same.