Microsoft is considering the possibility of running Android applications on Windows Phone

Sources acquainted with Microsoft's arrangements tell The Verge that the organization is genuinely acknowledging permitting Android applications to run on both Windows and Windows Phone. While arranging is progressing and its still unanticipated, we're told that some inside Microsoft support the thought of basically empowering Android applications inside its Windows and Windows Phone Stores, while others accept it could prompt the demise of the Windows stage by and large. The blended (and solid) sentiments inside highlight that Microsoft will be cautious with any radical move.


The items of Microsoft's arrangements are still light, yet the organization apparently would like to get excessively included in the Android application help process. As it stands now, Microsoft might add help for Android applications to Windows and deal with the store that they'd be downloaded from, however the organization would likely get an "outsider empowering influence" to really help the stage. One conceivable applicant is Bluestacks, which has been empowering Android applications to be run within Windows for a while now.

Android application help in Windows and Windows Phone is still a long way from authority, and at this moment the turmoil its creating within Microsoft makes it indistinct if the characteristic will ever really make it to market. It's without a doubt a fascinating system, and I'm certain that numerous Windows Phone fans might welcome the application help that Android application help might carry.

Then again, Blackberry 10 has upheld Android applications for truly a while now and regardless it battling to addition critical piece of the pie. There's likewise the thought that if Microsoft were to add Android application backing to Windows Phone, numerous designers may pick to essentially port their Android application over with few or no progressions, leaving clients with an application that gazes out of spot on Windows Phone and may not work and in addition a local WP application.

What do you make of this new talk? Might the expansion of Android application help get you intrigued to use Windows Phone?