Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with a bezel-free display and flatter UI

Samsung Galaxy S5 is making the headlines again and the same is now in news for a leak that if becomes a reality, might be something that is a first in class one. It is tipped to come with a bezel free display. The latest rumour suggests that Samsung will finally give shape to its bezel free display on which it has been working since 2012.

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

It is also said to feature a fingerprint scanner which will be present on the bottom left and right side of the display. The smartphone will be slimmer in profile and Samsung will be achieving this feat by using a new display panel technology. In another leak, the icons of the smartphone have been leaked and the device will reportedly feature flatter icons and a flatter UI as compared to the previous generations.

The new TouchWiz UI will borrow design clues from the Tizen Operating System and opt for a flatter next generation TouchWiz. Even Apple didn't go the revolutionary way for the iOS 7 and went for a flatter interface. If you see the image closely, the Curiosity icon will mean something like a discover nearby places. The TouchWiz UI has been criticised for its looks but Samsung wants to please everybody this time around.

Samsung will launch the device on the February 24th at the Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona. Other rumours suggest that there will be two versions of the device to rival the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Samsung Galaxy S flagships are the most sought after ones every year but the S4 wasn't able to repeat the success of its predecessors. Will the S5 be able to do that? We await and see.

TouchWiz Flatter UI