Samsung Gear Fit with 1.84-inch curved display, Heart rate monitor officially announced, stay fit with Gear Fit

Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S5 at the MWC 2014 which might would have disappointed a few folks but what has created the maximum waves is the Samsung Gear Fit which is a fitness band like something you have not seen before. It looks pretty amazing to say the least and instead of other monochromatic fitness bands.

Samsung Gear Fit

It gets a 1.84-inch Curved Super AMOLED display which is pretty much the most colourful screen for a wearable device. The Gear Fit will aid the counting of your heart rate, steps and will monitor your sleep as well. It has a heart rate sensor built into it which somehow makes it a personal trainer which will vibrate every time the rate drops below than what you have set and will show a warning if you try to go a bit harsh on yourself.

It gets a stopwatch and a timer too which makes it the perfect fitness companion. It comes with IP67 certification which makes it water and dust resistant. The Gear Fit has standard 210 mAh battery, with typical usage of 3~4 days.

Samsung Gear FitSamsung Gear FitSamsung Gear Fit

You can sync it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and will show all the notifications but you can't accept or make calls, however you can reject a call. It will show your push mail, messages, emails and news feed from various social media. You can take a glance at your calendar as well and control the music playing on your smartphone too. 

While it doesn't run Tizen, the new Samsung operating system that runs the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, the Gear Fit does have an operating system capable of running apps, meaning that new features could be added to the device over time. You can change its wrist straps and background wallpapers too. It will be compatible only with the Galaxy S devices for the time being and we doubt if Samsung will make it compatible with smartphones from other manufacturers.

The Samsung Gear Fit will be available worldwide on April 11 along with Gear 2 and Galaxy S5. Pricing details are not yet revealed.