Samsung to launch multiple Galaxy Gear 2 variants at the MWC 2014, one running Android while other with Tizen

Samsung is making progress in the field of smartphones and tablets and is slowly working on promoting related gadgets as well. The Galaxy camera and Galaxy Gear smartwatch are two such examples. Though they've not been very successful, yet Samsung is resilient enough to make them an important part of the Android ecosystem.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung is now working on launching the next generation of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch which is due to be launched at the MWC 2014. The same will come in two variants to appeal to a wider audience with one of them being an Android based unit while the other one will be based on Tizen operating system.

Tizen is an open source project which is meant to develop a software platform for smartphones and similarly related devices. The same is being promoted heavily by Samsung. The reason behind the promotion is being cited as the fact that Google's Android platform is powering every other wearable technology device. Samsung wants to break the clutter and monetise with its own services and software as well.

The Galaxy Gear 2 in Tizen guise will feature the HTML5 version of Tizen which will help it attract a lot more developers. Samsung is also working on launching Tizen based smartphones as it might just come across as an alternative to Android. The rest of the specs about the smartwatch are yet unknown. The MWC 2014 starts on 24th February which is when the device is expected to be launched and we'll ensure that we bring you the latest updates regarding the same.