Sony Sirius (Xperia Z2) hands-on video details Xperia KitKat launcher, 4K video recording, Timeshift video and more

Sony is working on its next flagship smartphone, the Sony D6503 (Sirius) and the same is getting subjected to leaks every now and then. This time around, the smartphone has leaked in a 12 minute long video which shows off pretty much everything the device has to offer. It will run on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and will have the imaging department as one of its strongest fortes.

Sony Xperia Z2

The Sony Sirius aka Xperia Z2 will get a 20.7MP sensor on the back, the same which is present on the Xperia Z1 but it will come with 4K video recording functionality. It will also have the ability to do slo-mo effects with high-speed video (Timeshift), duplicate moving objects, scan documents to JPG/PDF formats, shoot cinemagraphs and simulate bokeh.

The user interface gets an overhaul as well which will feature a "simple" homescreen that will have larger icons, bigger text and will give you the ability to control the number of icons that show up in the status bar. You also get an array of motion gestures which will help you wake the phone by tapping it, answering and dialling a call by taking the device to the ear and rejecting the call by shaking the smartphone.

It will feature a 5.2-inch Full HD screen that will detect gloves as well. It will get a support for high quality audio output as well via USB with a support for noise cancelling headsets as well. Check out the full 12-minute video below to know more about the upcoming features.

Sony will be optimising the smartphone pretty well for a better use and will get a lot of software functionalities as well. The smartphone will be launched at the MWC 2014 which begins on February 24th, next week.