Google’s first modular phone under Project Ara to arrive in January 2015

Google has unleashed its first ever modular smartphone that is based on the Project Ara concept and has confirmed that it will launch the first beta phone called the Gray phone in January 2015 for $50 (approx. Rs 3,000). As per a CNET report, Paul Eremenko, Head of Project Ara has confirmed at the Ara Developer’s conference about the first Ara phone termed the Gray phone.

Project Ara

This handset will feature modular components that can be swapped as per the user’s desires. The Gray phone will be an entry-level smartphone that will let users to customize it using modular components by paying additional charge.

Project Ara is a concept that is meant to allow the users to customize the hardware components of the phone as per their requirements. The modular hardware components will be available on an app store similar to Google Play. Google has confirmed that the phones will be powered by Android OS and there will be various types of components available for the Ara phones. Drivers required to run these components will be released by the search engine giant in December.

It is claimed that the Ara phones will be compatible to additional modular components up to five to six years and that they will be attached to the frame with the help of electro-permanent magnets. The concept employs UniPro standard to help the modules interact with each other.

Interestingly, this means that the users can update their handset using latest hardware without the necessity of upgrading to a new handset. Users simply have to purchase a new variant of the component and swap it with the previous one. 

Project Ara