Apple's Former CEO John Sculley launches Obi Mobiles, a new smartphone brand in India

On Thursday, John Sculley former Apple CEO announced the launch of his smartphone brand called Obi Mobiles in India. It appears like the company is planning to sell their smartphones in the price range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 and also estimates to sell over a million units in five months time. The company seems to be highly ambitious as that particular price range is already swamped with a plethora of offerings.

Obi Mobiles

It has been announced that Sculley will be behind the venture and Ajay Sharma, former executive of Micromax and HTC India will be taking care of the business in the country. The firm has hired the top talent from the smartphone industry in India.

In order to differentiate their brand from the other vendors, Obi has announced that their devices will come bundled with Value Added Services (VAS). For this, the firm will have to establish partnership with the network operators.

It is claimed that Obi will be investing about $20 million to push the growth of the firm, but the firm will also have to pay out for marketing and establishing relationships with retailers across the nation in order to push the sales.

Also, there are many smartphone vendors in the country selling budget phones and with better experience in marketing and selling handsets. Hence, Obi will have to fight back its rivals to create a reputation among consumers.