Successor of Moto X coming soon with moniker Moto X+1, to have 25 back panel options including leather and wood

Twitter leaker @evleaks which has been known to leak information about upcoming devices has recently leaked information about another device. According to @evleaks, the successor of Moto X will be named Moto X+1, which could take things above and beyond with new back panels which are expected to feature some pretty high quality materials like leather backs and wooden options.

Moto X

The Moto X's customisation options through the Moto Maker site have been keeping it different from the rest of the pack and it is an essential differentiator for Motorola. As per @evleaks, Moto X+1 will come with a variety of back panel options, initially 25 which include:
  • Cool - Navy, Turquoise, Olive, Royal Blue and Dark Teal
  • Neutral - Slate, Purple, Smoke, Black and Chalk
  • Warm - Red, Orange, Lemon Lime, Violet, Crimson, Raspberry and Cabernet
  • Wood - Teak, Bamboo, Rosewood and Ebony
  • Leather - Black, Red, Grey and Blue
Motorola has said a successor to the Moto X is headed for a launch later this summer, yet so far little is thought about the gadget plus the supposed Moto X+1 moniker.

The leather backs will surely attract a lot of attention as these have been restricted to the likes of Vertu and other luxury phones. Let us wait and watch what all Motorola has in store for us later this summer. And we wish they get the pricing right as well.

Moto X+1