Motorola soon to launch 64GB variant of Moto X costing $449.99

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

/ by Ritij Khurana
Motorola devices have been creating the waves off late and they have all the reasons to do so too. The only limitation the next generation of Motorola devices have had is their limited internal storage capacity. Motorola plans on taking care of that in future and after having launched an upgraded Moto G with microSD card slot, it is gearing up to launch a Moto X with 64GB of internal storage capacity.

Moto X

The information has leaked from Moto Maker website and it also states the price of the devices. It would cost $449.99 which is $50 more than the 32GB variant of the device. The information about when it will be launched is ambiguous and seeing the fact that the 32GB variant of the device didn’t come to India, the 64GB variant might not do so either.

The 64GB Moto X is expected to be launched alongside the Moto X+1 which is its successor and was leaked a while ago.

The Moto X is one of those devices who are all about the experience and not just specs. It may cost as much as yesteryear flagships but it gives you an experience better than them. Its performance doesn’t disappoint you either and there’s nothing it can’t really do and the camera is a stellar performer too. And now it is ready to get 64GB of internal storage as well which will take care of your memory needs pretty well.

Moto X 64GB

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