Manu Jain, co-founder of Jabong hired by Xiaomi for its India operation (confirmed)

Monday, June 9, 2014

/ by Ritij Khurana
Update: Hugo Barra, Xiaomi's Global VP has officially confirmed on Twitter that Manu Kumar Jain has been appointed as Xiaomi's India GM (General Manager).

Earlier (9th June): Xiaomi which is one of the leading Chinese smartphone vendors will begin its Indian venture later this year and it has already started the hiring process for the same. If the latest reports are to be believed, it has hired Manu Jain who was the co-founder of to help it launch in the country and serve as a top gun in the company too. Xiaomi plans on beginning its operations in the country around the September-October period which would be right on time for the festival season.

Manu Jain, co-founder of Jabong

Manu Jain had quit Jabong to start his own technology venture named Gynjer for launching tablets, smartphones and wearable technology but it looks like that it will have to wait for some more time. However, Xiaomi has been struggling with production issues because its devices have been flying off the shelves (literally) in China courtesy of their top end specs at rock bottom prices.

Xiaomi plans on setting up its own stores in India and will be retailing the devices through its online stores too. It might look towards joining hands with various e-commerce portals too seeing the fact that many companies are doing so these days and the success story of Motorola-Flipkart is known to all.

Xiaomi has had the pricing factor in its favour and that is what it would be building on in India as well. It is the sixth largest smartphone brand globally and will surely be looking towards gaining a strong hold over the Indian market too.

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