Micromax reported to launch wearable devices in India soon

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

/ by Abhinaya
Leading India based vendor Micromax seems to be geared to announce wearable devices in order to stay ahead in the race. According to Times of India, the firm’s newly employed Chairman Sanjay Kapoor has stated that the company will expand its portfolio beyond smartphones and tablets by foraying into the wearable device market and machine-to-machine products.


As of now, Samsung has a slew of smartwatches, but none of the vendors have been able to relish success in the same. Motorola and LG have already come up with Android Wear based smartwatch devices and the iWatch from Apple is in the pipeline. As the fight has got fiercer, there is no doubt for Micromax to step up into the battle.

Since the advent of 2014, the wearable technology has seen a great development with many manufacturers pouring in. Undoubtedly, the wearable device technology is expected to grow shockingly in a few years from now.

Sanjay Kapoor in an interview stated, “Data is the most potent platform of connectivity now. However, its proliferation is at a very nascent stage. Data growth has to happen over the five pillars of access, storage, analytics, application & content, and finally devices. We at Micromax are going to build all our vision and efforts around these five areas.”
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